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Purchase Option – Graph Tex 


As we did last year, we are working with Graph-Tex, a local business in Cortland, as our vendor.  If additional ordering assistance is required, please contact Graph Tex at 1-800-417-7791.  All employee uniform allowances will be provided to Graph-Tex on the employee’s behalf, spring of each year.   Seasonal employees can go ahead and place your orders from now until you are laid off.  All year round employees can purchase until December 31st.

Again this year when purchasing your uniforms, please see the new Suit-Kote store offered to employees to purchase Suit-Kote items.  A tab stating “Promo Items” is located on the same website where you order your uniforms. (www.shopsuit-kote.com)    Allowances cannot be used for these items.


Uniform Allowance Table

Job Description


Mill, Quarry, Terminal Personnel



Road Crew, General Laborer, Truck Driver



Lab Personnel



Office – Other



Part-Time Employees



New Hires:                         If before August 1st = Full Uniform Allowance!

                                           If on or after August 1st = Half Uniform Allowance!

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