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Uniform Policy


Uniform Purchasing &

Boot Reimbursement Program

Purchase Option – Graph Tex

Included within, you will find the procedures on how to order your uniforms. As we did last year, we are working with Graph-Tex, a local business in Cortland, as our vendor. Some employees will see changes in their allowances, which will be dependent upon their position (full-time/part-time) with the company. See “Uniform Ordering Guide”.

Also, this year when purchasing your uniforms, please see the new Suit-Kote store offered to employees to purchase Suit-Kote items. A tab will be located on the same website where you order your uniforms. (www.shopsuit-kote.com) Allowances cannot be used for these items.


Rental Option – Cintas, Unifirst, Doritex

Utilizing the services of Cintas, Unifirst, and Doritex, mechanics and welders companywide will have the opportunity to join our rental program. This program will allow for 2 full weeks of clothing which will be fully laundered on a weekly basis and returned to the employees home base. There will be no money out of pocket for the employee and again this service will be provided to mechanics and welders only. Each facility Manager has a list of the approved personnel who fall under this classification.

Boot Reimbursement

Nothing has changed in regards to this program with exception of more options! You can still choose to purchase your steel toed boots at any retailer of your choice, again with an $85.00 allowance.


If you have any questions in regard to anything listed above, please do not hesitate to contact me, Kelly Henninge at 753-1100 ext. 307.

Uniform Ordering Guide:

To obtain your Suit-Kote employee uniforms, please follow the steps below. You will need your employee number which can be found on any recent paystub. If you do not have access to the internet, please stop at any Suit-Kote facility and ask to use the “Suit-Kote Central Computer Terminal”, which is available to all Suit-Kote employees.

1. Go to www.shopsuit-kote.com

2. Review the Uniform Policy, Uniform Allowance Chart, and Uniform Ordering Guide in the tabs along the left side of the page.

a. Utilizing the allowance chart, determine what your uniform allowance is based upon your position with the company.

3. Based on the Uniform Policy and your personal Uniform Allowance, select the items which are required for you along with any other items you wish to purchase.

a. Be sure to use the available size charts and items descriptions to determine the correct size for each item.

b. Each time you purchase an item you will be brought to your shopping cart and have the option to “Continue Shopping” or “Checkout”.

c. Once you have selected all items you wish to purchase select “Checkout”.

4. Fill out your Billing and Shipping address.

a. Note: If you are purchasing any items beyond your Uniform Allowance using a personal credit card, the information listed in the billing address section must match the billing information shown on the statement for the credit card.

5. To proceed to “Checkout” select “CONTINUE”.

a. Review your order to make sure that all items, quantities, and sizes are correct.

6. To apply your Uniform Allowance, enter your employee number in the box labeled “Employee Number” and click “Process Employee Number”.

a. If the total of your order is covered by your Uniform Allowance select “Complete Order”.

i. You will be able to check the remaining balance of your uniform allowance at any time by calling the Graph-Tex office at 1-800-417-7791.

b. If there is a remaining balance due after you have applied your uniform allowance, select “Pay With Credit Card”.

i. Fill in your credit card information.

ii. Read the paragraph pertaining to Graph-Tex terms and conditions and click the box to the left stating that you accept.

iii. Select “Send Card Information Encrypted”.

Responsible Officer: Purchasing Department Effective Date: January 1, 2015

Policy Statement:

This policy establishes guideline for the procurement of uniforms and work boots for Suit-Kote employees. Employees whom are entitled to uniforms will receive an annual allowance designated by their position within the company. Please see the “Uniform Allowance Table for additional information and to see what you qualify for. Suit-Kote’s goal is to create uniformity among our company and more importantly to keep our employees safe. Any questions or concerns regarding the Company’s Uniform Policy should be brought to the attention of your Supervisor.

Personal Protective Equipment:

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and other safety related uniform requirements are specific to each employee’s position within the company. PPE is administered by the Company’s Safety Manager, as well as PPE above and beyond the requirement set forth in this policy. PPE requirements, as well as the directions of Facility Managers shall always take precedence of the Policy.

Who Is Entitled To Company Provided Uniforms and Work Boot Reimbursement:

Any employee who works in the following areas: road crew, general laborer, truck drivers, mill, quarry, terminal personnel, mechanic, welder, electrician, and lab are entitled to a uniform allowance. If designated for such allowance, said employees must conform with the uniform requirements set forth below.

General Uniform Requirements:
“General Uniform Requirements” apply to all Suit-Kote employees, excluding office personnel and must be conformed with during all work hours. If an employee does not conform with the requirements set forth below or designated by their Supervisor, he/she will be subject to disciplinary action and up to and including termination until the uniform and/or PPE issue has been corrected.


  • All footwear must be steel toed and free of holes.


  • Suit-Kote green t-shirts, long sleeve or red-kap button up.

  • All uppers must be free of holes and in presentable condition.

  • Cut-off sleeves are not acceptable.


  • Jeans or red-kap pants.

  • All lowers must be free of holes and in presentable condition.

Job Specific:

Lab Personnel:

All lab personnel must wear Suit-Kote long sleeve t-shirts.


  • All welders and electricians must wear clothing which consists of 100% cotton.

Open Flames:

  • Any employee working near open flames must wear clothing which consists of 100% cotton.

Elevated Temperature Material:

  • Anyone operating near elevated temperature material including drivers loading and unloading material, must wear with Suit-Kote long sleeve green t-shirts or long sleeve red-kap button ups.

Ordering Procedures:

Employee Responsibility:

As of March 1, 2015 all employees uniform orders will be completed online by each employee. All employee uniform allowances will be provided to Graph-Tex on the employee’s behalf, February 1st of each year. The allowances will remain under the employees name until used on Suit-Kote uniforms or until December 31st where all remaining allowances are eliminated and returned to the company.

Employees must follow the “Uniform How To Guide” to procure his/her uniforms on an annual basis. If the employee does not have access to the internet, he/she may go to their local Suit-Kote facility and utilize the “Suit-Kote Centralized Computer” to place their order. If additional ordering assistance is required, please contact Graph Tex at 1-800-417-7791.

All new hires will receive a uniform allowance based off of when they enter the Company. If the employee enters the Company before August 1st, they will receive a full uniform allowance for that year based on their position. If the employee enters the Company on or after August 1st, they will receive half the uniform allowance for that year based on their position. Please contact Kelly Henninge for additional information.

Work Boot Reimbursement:

Steel Toed Boots:

Any employee who works in the area outlined on page 1 of the Suit Kote Uniform Policy, is entitled to an annual work boot reimbursement. Suit-Kote will reimburse each employee up to $85.00 for one pair of steel toed boots. To receive reimbursement, each employee must complete, sign and include an attached receipt which states “steel toed boots” to his/her expense report. Each expense report must have an authorized supervisor signature, then scan and send to invoices@suit-kote.com. Please re-name expense report, example – (EXP-Kelly Henninge). Again, all expense reports must have an authorized supervisor signature before sending to invoices@suit-kote.com. Boots receipt must also state “steel toed”.

If you are a new employee, you MUST work 2 full weeks before getting reimbursed for your boots.

Laundry Services:

Due to the nature or work performed by some employees, Suit-Kote will provide Uniform Rental services for all Suit-Kote Mechanics and Welders. In order to take advantage of this service the employee must contact Kelly Henninge.

Although this service is limited to mechanics and welders only, if a Facility Manager feels an employee who is not a mechanic or a welder should also receive laundering services based off of that persons job requirement, please have that Facility Manager contact Kelly Henninge for approval. No uniform laundering invoices will be paid unless pre-approved.

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